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Richmond, Washington County, Rhode Island

Richmond is a small town in Washington County, with a population of under 8,000.

Richmond was in an area originally named Narragansett County or Little Narragansett, after the indigenous people who lived there. Following a dispute between Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts, the King dissolved all charters and made the area Kings County, and the town became known as Westerly.

Richmond divided into two, becoming Richmond and Charlestown in 1747 and was incorporated as a town by the General Assembly of Rhode Island the same year.

The town is named after Edward Richmond, the state’s Colonial Attorney General from 1677 to 1680.

Richmond was the site of a train crash in which 11 people died, following the collapse of a bridge in 1873.


The Charlestown Fish Pond, a hidden treasure, is buried in the woods but still attracts up to 100 visitors at the start of every season.

Crawly Preserve, a nature retreat, is located in Richmond.

The North-South Trail runs through Richmond, with marked trails.

Washington County Fair. Held during the month of August in Richmond. For a week many gather to listen to music, watch racing lawnmowers, and to play carnival games. It’s Richmond’s biggest event, followed by the lively Farmers’ Market in front of the Town Hall.

With an abundance of rivers and streams, there are also plenty of good fishing spots in and around town. Supplies can be bought at the local bait and tackle shop in Hope Valley, a mile or so down Route 138 from the Town Hall.


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