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Richmond, Staten Island, New York

Staten Island, which is one of the five boroughs of of New York City, was named the Borough of Richmond until 1975. Staten Island and Richmond County cover the same space today, and hold a population of under 500,000.

The County of Richmond, along with Shooter’s Island and the islands of meadow on the West side of Staten Island became part of the colony of New York on November 1, 1683.

Richmond Town became the government centre of the county in the 1700's, and the town prospered in the early 1800s. By the end of the century growth had slowed and in 1898 Staten Island became a borough of New York City and the government moved elsewhere.

Richmond Town then became the focus of historical preservation. The Staten Island Historical Society set out to preserve the declining town as a museum village. ‘Historic Richmond Town’ is now a museum and living history complex.


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