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Richmond Township, Winona County, Minnesota

Richmond township is a small settlement bounded by the Mississippi river to the north east. Two creeks flow through the area, 'Little Trout Run' and 'Richmond Creek'.

The township is named after a Frenchman called Richmond, who built a wood yard in the area in 1850. The area was called 'Caitlins Rocks' for the first two years, and then became 'Richmond' in 1852.

The first settlers were M. Dunning, Amos Shay, Edward Outhouse, George Nicholson, Isaac Nichols, Hirk Carroll, Andrew Mitchell, Owen Fox, and Jacob Donehower, who settled here in 1854. Land Office Records. The first claims to land in Richmond township were filed in 1855.

The early settlers believed the land to be practically worthless, but it is now considered as good as any in the county. The area was originally divided into Richmond Village and East Richmond, but both villages are now considered one. Richmond village and East Richmond are today cow pastures and berry patches.

La Moille, a present day railway station, was planned in May, 1860, and was originally known as McGilvery's landing.


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