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Richmond, Wayne County, Indiana

Richmond is a city in Wayne Township, Wayne County, with a population of over 36,000. It has a history of producing early jazz records, plenty of historical architecture, and is in close proximity to neighbouring state Ohio.

Richmond was founded in 1806 by North Carolina Quakers, who settled along the White water River. The first of these were John Smith and Jeremiah Cox. Smith named his settlement Smithville and Cox followed suit by calling his settlement Jericho. However the other settlers did not take to either name and agreed on 'Richmond' in 1873.

Richmond served as a trade centre for travellers for many years, as well as being a centre for agriculture and manufacturing. It also has the second oldest newspaper in the state, the Richmond Palladium. It has been nicknamed ‘the Cradle of Recorded Jazz’, ‘the Lawnmower Capital’ and ‘the Rose City’ at various times in its history, reflecting some of the industries in the town. Today Richmond is known for music, arts, historic architecture and is home to around 40, 000 people Glenn Miller Park Richmond, Indiana.


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