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Richmond Hill, Bryan County, Georgia

Richmond Hill is a small city in Byran County of under 10,000 people. It was incorporated in March 1962.

Richmond Hill, formerly known as Ways Station, was used by industrialist Henry Ford as a winter home in the 1930s. He also built the Ford Farms along the Ogeechee River. Ford’s dwelling was built on the former site of Richmond Plantation.

The people of the town suggested renaming Ways Station 'Ford', but Henry Ford declined, and instead the name Richmond Hill was chosen in 1941.


A kindergarten, which now houses the museum of the Richmond Hill Historical Society

The Ford Plantation has now been redeveloped as a luxury resort, with vacation cottages, a clubhouse, tennis, and golf.

Richmond Hill hosts a number of community events at J.F. Gregory Park. Throughout the year the community comes together for supporting special events and causes, here are just a few: Annual Easter Extravaganza, Annual Memorial Day Observance, National Night Out, Old Time Family July Festival & Fireworks, Annual Pumpkin Patch, Great Ogeechee Seafood Festival-35k attendees, Annual Veterans Day Observance, Matt Freeman Road Race and the Annual Chilli Cook-off.


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