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Richmond District, San Francisco, California

Richmond District is a neighbourhood in Northwest San Francisco with a population of under 60,000. It is twenty miles from the city of Richmond in Conta Costa County.

Richmond District consists of five residential neighbourhoods: Lake District, Sea Cliff, Inner Richmond, Central Richmond and Outer Richmond.

Originally an expanse of rolling sand dunes, Richmond District was developed initially in the late 19th century. Adolph Sutro was one of the first large-scale developers of the area. After the 1906 earthquake development increased with the need to provide replacement housing. In the 1950s, and especially after the lifting of the Chinese Exclusion Act in 1965, Chinese immigrants began to replace the ethnic Jewish and Irish-Americans who had dominated the district before World War II.

Sutro Heights Park is located in Richmond District.

Rochambeau playground. Located between 24th and 25th Avenue, the playground boasts tennis and basketball courts, as well as play structures.

Lincoln Park and Golf Course in Outer Richmond which also contains the California Palace of the Legion of Honour.

The former Fort Milley is now part of the Golden Gate National recreation area, a section of which contains a large Veterans Affairs Hospital.

A small lake near Park Presidio and the Presidio Park forms part of the Mountain Lake Park.


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