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Richmond, Ottawa, Ontario

Richmond is a small village in South-Eastern Ontario spanning the Jock river. It has a population of under 5,000 and became part of the city of Ottawa in 2001.

After the Anglo-American War of 1812, loyal settlers were sought for Upper Canada (now Ontario). Disbanded soldiers were selected to settle Richmond as a military base by the British Army in 1818. Richmond was the administrative centre for the administration of lands in the area. With the help of neighbours in Hull, Quebec, the village of Richmond was built 1818.

When the military relinquished control of the village in 1822, very few civilians had settled. The nearby presence of Bytown and the building of the Rideau Canal were a large part of the reason it failed to grow to a larger settlement. Richmond became part of the City of Ottawa on January 1, 2001.

St Philip’s Church is the oldest church in the Catholic Archdiocese of Ottawa.

The Rideau Hiking Trail runs through Richmond.


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