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Richmond, British Columbia

Known as the Island City, Richmond is a vibrant, multi-cultural community located just 20 minutes from down-town Vancouver. It has a population of approximately 190,000.

The first inhabitants of Richmond were the First Nations People, who thrived and lived close to the shore to harvest the abundance of fish. The first white settlers realized the great opportunities for farming due to the richness of the soil in the region. Before the first roads were built, the easiest form of transportation in the Fraser Estuary was by canoe and boat.

Richmond was named by Founding Father John Wesley Sexsmith after his birthplace The Township of Richmond, Lennox County, Ontario on 10th November 1879. On 3rd December 1990, Richmond was designated as a City.

Down on the south-western shore of Richmond sits historic Steveston Village. At the turn of the century, Steveston was the busiest fishing port in the world. Now over 100 years old, Steveston has evolved into a picturesque working fishing village that comes to life each summer with plenty for visitors to see and do. Heritage sites, fresh seafood, great local restaurants and colourful gift shops and markets await the visitor.

In the heart old Steveston you’ll find the Steveston Museum. Surrounded by board sidewalks, this former Northern Bank building reflects the community’s heritage as a busy commercial centre.

A treasure trove of classic motorcycles can be viewed at the Trev Deeley Motorcycle Collection, with over 250 motorcycles and 51 different makes on display. The collection is Trev Deeley’s legacy of his involvement in the motorcycle, and includes British, American, Japanese, Italian and German motorcycles. Located at 13500 Verdun Place in Richmond, the collection is open Monday through Friday, 10am to 4pm. Admission is by donation, with proceeds donated to charity.

Also located in Steveston at the south foot of Railway Avenue is the Britannia Heritage Shipyard. Visitors can take a self-guided walking tour of this National Heritage Site. Britannia is one of the few surviving examples from Steveston’s rich past, when a mix of canneries, net lofts, boatyards, residences, and stores defined the neighbourhood. Restoration of the site is in the development stage, and over the coming years much of its former glory is slated to be restored. At present, the Britannia Shipyard augments a walking or cycling tour of the Steveston harbour.

Time stands still as you venture through the doorway of the historic London Heritage Farm. Built during the 1890s, this fascinating heritage site on nearly 5 acres overlooking the south arm of the Fraser River offers the visitor a hands-on experience of rural life in the early development of Richmond. Surrounding the house are vagrant herb and flower gardens, and other attractions that include the restored Spragg family barn, and a hand tool museum.

Some of the best live performances in the Pacific Northwest take place in the 560-seat Gateway Theatre, one of the most beautiful theatres in Canada.

The Richmond Library, Culture Centre, Art Gallery & Museum is a popular multicultural complex featuring nine art studios, a gallery of contemporary art and an extensive 1museum housing over 9,000 artefacts. Collections include archaeology, ethnology, textiles, furnishings and items that reflect Richmond’s diverse history.


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